Shikigami release 2.0 (Mobile Gear II release)

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About changed point

We changed much default theme and icons on this release. And others are as follows.

  • Default's cursor
    We hied unnecessary cursors with default on the touch panel.
  • Keyboard of "Nunome"
    We changed the screen of virtual keyboard of "Nunome". And bottoms are changed bigger, so there are easier to use.
  • The handwriting frame of "Nunome"
    Lines are changed thicker with handwriting input device.
  • Changed launcher
    When you press the system bottom, all icons set up by the system are indicated. Even if user changed the icon to another one, The System Tub wouldn't be changed. Before "system" tub were changed the name "Administration". It can re-download established files. After you install new application, if you do that, it can reflect with the launcher.
  • Looking for bombs game
    It is equipped with gonmine standard.
  • GUI for being administrated package software
    We added front-end GUI software "sgipkg" of familiar's standard packaged management software "ipkg".
  • H3800 series
    It can conform to iPAQ, H3850, H3870.
  • familiar 0.5.2
    We changed it familiar0.5.2.
  • Modification of "Libgnomeui"
    We modified haunting bugs at menu bar.
  • Modification of "Nunome"
    We modified bugs about characters in not to change dotted lines in the handwriting frame of "Nunome".
  • Modification of "Sylpheed"
    Some icons, "next page", "indication of before page", "Deletion", "Replays" and "Forward", add to the message indication screen.
Representative screen of this release


Binary kit for Compaq iPAQ H3630

Contents Size Download
Shikigami root image 6.0MB Download
Additional file for Shikigami 2.6MB Download
Shikigami's binary 5.4MB Download
Scripts for being installed 4KB Download

NEC handheld PC Mobile Gear 2 for MC/R450 binary kit

Contents Size Download
NEC handheld PC Mobile Gear 2 for MC/R450 binary kit 752KB Download
Others including commands 36.1MB Download


Contents Size Download
Shikigami window manager 208KB Download
Japanese handwriting character recognition system "Nunome" 808KB Download
Dictionary tool for Japanese handwriting character recognition system "Nunome" 72KB Download
GTK+ library 2.8MB Download
GNOME user interface library 3.3MB Download
GNOME panel, task list applet 4.7MB Download
GNOME Midnight Commander 4.0MB Download
Ipkg tool, sgipkg 148KB Download
Address program, sgaddr 148KB Download
Memo program, sgmemo 148KB Download
Schedule program, sgsched 164KB Download
Date set up program, sgdate 228KB Download
Battery rest indication tool, sgapm 140KB Download
Reboot UI, sgreboot 132KB Download
Simple editor, sgse 176KB Download
Theme changing tool, sgswtheme 140KB Download
Mailer (Sylpheed) 1.7MB Download
PPP dial up tool 324KB Download


Contents Size Download
Document set (html file) 2.6MB Download